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Why will 2023 be tough for hiring!

Hiring in 2023 will be much more difficult than it is today. This is because the number of qualified candidates available for hire will be declining while the number of jobs available will be increasing. In addition, new technologies will make many jobs obsolete, making it even harder to find qualified candidates.

The number of qualified candidates available for hire will be declining because many workers will retire in the next few years. The Baby Boomer generation, which accounts for a large share of the workforce, is reaching retirement age. At the same time, there are not enough young people entering the workforce to replace them. This means that there will be fewer people with the skills and experience necessary to fill high-level jobs.

The number of jobs available will be increasing because of technological advances. Many new technologies are automating tasks that were once done by human beings. For example, self-driving cars are replacing human drivers, and artificial intelligence is replacing human assistants. As these technologies become more widespread, they will create millions of new jobs. However, most of these jobs will require different skills than the ones currently needed in the workforce.

This combination of factors – a decline in qualified candidates and an increase in job opportunities – means that

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