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Developers Advancement Club
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Discover how to earn, enjoy and work with exciting New Technology

Are you looking to advance your career and boost your earnings now or in the future?
Are you happy where you are now but open to considering a new opportunity in the future if it was the right fit for you?
Want to stay current in new technology trends?
Want to hear from the experts and know what’s going on with other developers and companies in the East Coast?
Want to know what technology is hot right now?

There’s a way you can stay tuned in to all of this, earn more for your skills and enjoy your work more. By being tapped into the market, knowing what technology is hot, what companies are hiring and if you’re earning what you’re worth is a great place to start when thinking about career advancement. By joining the Developer Advancement Club, you can have all this information 'in your back pocket' - an insurance policy for ongoing career success and advancement.

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