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Across the globe, 785 million people lack access to water. 2 billion more lack access to at toilet. At NN Tech, it is our mission to help in any way we can, and we’re proud to support  and their mission help change lives and provide access to safe water. For every new placement we make, we donate to after 90 days of employment  to help give access to safe water to 10 people in need around the world. All donations go directly to helping those in need.

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How the NN Tech Team is Making a Difference

At NN Tech, we pledge to support, by donating on behalf of our employees after they reach their 90-day milestone with us! Congratulations to Brian and Sneha!

Our Donation to Shalom Farms

NN Tech is proud to support Shalom Farms, a regional food access nonprofit right here in the Richmond region. Their mission is to work with communities to ensure access to healthy food and the support necessary to lead healthy lives. They seek to collaboratively transform the Richmond food system so that all people have access to good food - food that is good for our bodies, good for the environment, and good for our communities. 

Photo Credit to Shalom Farms
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