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Candidate Consent Form – Right to Represent & NDA


This agreement is effective as of date submitted between on NN Tech, LLC (herein referred to as NN Tech) and Name of Candidate (Name submitted below) regarding possible placement on a job or performance of service at NN Tech’ client/vendor partner.  NN Tech provides consulting and other services to its clients, for which, it locates, recruits and places Candidates or other companies. Candidate agrees to provide consulting services if selected during the interview process. Candidate has submitted resume for consideration for contract by NN Tech. or their client. Candidate agrees that the supplied candidate to be represented by NN Tech and agrees to restrain to the following terms and conditions.



Candidate understands the nature of NN Tech business operations and that NN Tech has spent considerable time, effort and money building a relationship, support and contacts with NN Tech clients. In consideration for the expense, time, effort and services of NN Tech Candidate agrees not to directly or indirectly solicit or seek business opportunity for self or for any other Candidate from contacts associated with or referred to by same, with whom NN Tech arranges representation for Candidate Consultant, now or at any time during one year following the presentation of Candidate. 



Candidate agrees to keep all trade secrets and/or proprietary information of NN Tech and it Clients in strict confidence and to take all necessary precautions against disclosure of such information to third parties. A trade secret is any information, process or idea that is not generally known in the industry, which NN Tech or its Clients consider confidential or which gives NN Tech or its Clients a competitive advantage. Examples of trade secrets include but are not limited to NN Tech client lists, computer program listings, source code and object code. Candidate further agrees to treat as confidential to all third parties including NN Tech clients, all information about NN Tech business, other client names and nature of business or project, rates of salary to be paid to Candidate and any other information or relevant to performance services.

Candidate also agrees that it will not attempt to obtain proprietary information through NN Tech or Client or other information relation to the business or relationship between NN Tech and Client.



Legal Work Status: Copy of legal work authorization/documentation is required. Candidate agrees to notify us immediately if legal or job status availability has changed.

Fill one of the following payment options: (1) Salary + Benefits (2) W2 Hrly (3) C2C/1099

Salary + Benefits is preferred. Option 2 & 3 may not be available based on client/position. 

Thanks for submitting!

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