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Best Practices for Staffing During a Pandemic

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The ongoing pandemic has changed every aspect of daily life for most Americans. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult for many people to find work, and for many companies to fill open spots. To promote the safety and wellness of their employees and clients, many companies have instituted a hiring freeze, and have deciding to lay off, furlough, or fire their employees. However, many industries are preparing for a hiring surge. This shift in hiring has become common in several industries, including the healthcare, service, hospitality, and technology industries. Healthcare in particular, has seen a large increase in demand for nurses and home health care workers. The uptick in demand for these industries can be attributed to what is called a demand shock. A demand shock is described as “a sudden event that dramatically changes the demand for goods and services.” As a result, industries that are in demand are looking to hire and onboard quickly.

With the current market, competition for open positions has become stiff. This means that your company can become bombarded with a host of applications from unqualified candidates, bots, or possible scammers. It is important to make sure that your openings are being marketed towards the most ideal candidates. This can be achieved by having a hiring goal, and most importantly a hiring strategy to staff your team. Implementing an effective hiring strategy can be difficult, but here are a few steps you can take:

1. For your job postings to reach highly qualified candidates, they need to be advertised on the right platforms. Social media is an ever-changing landscape, and it is crucial to develop and maintain an online presence. We use a variety of measures to help our clients achieve this, including rigorous quality checks and industry expertise.

2. It is important that everyone have realistic expectations during this time. Staffing your company is no easy feat, and it has been made even more difficult due to the pandemic and the overall collapse of the nation’s economy. Think about what kind of positions need to be filled immediately, and what positions need to be placed on hold until things return to normalcy.

3. Make sure that you are being transparent about open positions with applicants. Research the market rate, and make sure your company is offering the appropriate compensation so that you can remain a competitive employer.

Staffing is difficult, but it does not have to be a headache. As always, we are here to help you during this time of uncertainty. Feel free to schedule a chat with us!

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