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How to manage your staff during the festive season?

The best season of the year is here, right? Not all of your employees will be naturally joyful this Christmas season, despite the fact that many teams arrange elaborate office parties, team gift exchanges, and other activities in preparation for the season. The holiday season is almost approaching. During this time of year, employees lose motivation since their thoughts are elsewhere. People are eager to take a break and spend time with their family and friends after a long year of hard work.

However, having unmotivated workers is detrimental to the company, so it is crucial for managers to think about the interests of both the staff and the business as a whole. According to a survey conducted by JoyOrganics, 88 percent of participants think the holiday season is the most stressful time of the year, and 84 percent of them say that these extreme feelings of stress begin as early as November. The holidays can put undue pressure and strain on the mental health of your staff, whether it's feeling burnt out from trying to get ahead before an extended holiday vacation or just feeling tired, lonely, or irritable due to an increased workload and financial stress.

It's crucial for HR managers to assist in resolving these problems and making sure that their staff members remain motivated. This is why we are providing you with six simple suggestions to keep your staff motivated and content during the Christmas season:

1. Encourage workers to take vacation time

This advice seems counterintuitive because you want employees to keep working despite all the holiday-related distractions. Harder work, however, does not always translate into better performance. In actuality, overworking yourself leads to burnout in your staff. The majority of your staff members will ask for time off over the holidays so they may enjoy themselves stress-free. For some of your employees, especially after the year we have all had, a lot depends on these breaks. It is crucial to handle these requests properly and effectively because of this. When an employee submits a request for time off in the hopes that it would be accepted just to have it denied, it is demoralizing. Encourage your staff to schedule their vacation time in advance. Conflicts will be less likely as a result. When approving time off, it's also crucial to consult team managers because they'll be more aware of the needs and circumstances of the employees.

2. Recognize the Progress Made in the Previous Year

Even while most individuals work to make money, many also enjoy their professions and derive satisfaction from doing it well. Employees want to feel that their work is respected and appreciated as a result. The greatest method to do this is by praising their achievements from the previous year. Who doesn't enjoy toasting to significant victories? Now is the perfect time to really invest in your team by encouraging them and recognizing their recent triumphs, especially with so many projects coming to an end for the year.

This applies to both significant achievements (such as significantly increasing sales numbers or finishing a challenging, year-long project) and smaller, more frequent victories (like a great interaction with a customer or awesome social media feedback). You can create a productive workplace that improves morale, boosts motivation, and raises overall employee engagement by recognizing outstanding accomplishments.

There are many different ways to express your gratitude to staff. Giving cash incentives or bonuses to workers who surpass their targets is one of them.

3. Plan enjoyable events or gatherings

Even though the bottom line is what matters most in business, you should still make time for entertainment. You may break down the invisible walls that exist between teams and departments in your company by planning events and activities in the weeks leading up to the holiday break.

It is somewhat understandable that staff members who work in the same department stick together. However, encouraging employees from throughout your entire organization to interact socially, regardless of which teams they play on, should help foster a joyful atmosphere both now and in the future. Giving your staff gifts is a wonderful way to let them know you value their contributions to the success of your business and that you care about them. Employees are motivated to be more involved and effective in their work when they get praise and appreciation. It's not necessary for the present to be large or elaborate. You may give out virtual gift cards, for instance, if your staff are working from home. Alternative gift options include baskets with a holiday theme, wellness products like a fitness band, amusing stationery, cakes, cookies, and more. Include handwritten notes expressing gratitude to your staff for their work throughout the year.

Additionally, social gatherings and activities foster a sense of camaraderie among staff members, which eventually increases motivation.

4. Begin making plans for the upcoming year.

While enjoying yourself and concentrating on the holidays might assist with motivation, it is also a good idea to remind your staff that work will restart in the New Year. Unexpectedly, preparing for the upcoming year will greatly inspire your team.

Planning is not only done at the end of the year; in the majority of firms, management conducts quarterly reviews and plans to discuss the previous three months' performance and the upcoming months' priorities. This enables firms to evaluate what has worked well and what needs to be changed. Because workers are aware that there will be a fresh challenge following their time off, knowing there are goals and a strategy in place for after the holidays frequently increases motivation. Another ideal time to think about staff development is at the end of the year. Spend some time talking to your team to learn what motivates them and how you can help them succeed in the future.

5. Plan wellness-related events.

Healthline claims that the higher expectations we have around the holidays might stress and overwhelm us. By planning wellness seminars for your staff, you can reduce the stress of the holidays. Additionally, it will keep your staff members healthy and productive at work. Yoga, meditation, physical activity, Zumba, and aerobics are just a few of the pursuits that can aid workers in unwinding during this season. By promoting the session's advantages and rewarding those who participate, you can nudge your staff members toward attending. These meetings ought to take place during the working day to avoid interfering with your employees' personal time.

Your staff may experience stress around the holidays as they frequently have to handle additional personal responsibilities in addition to their work. Your staff may become depleted as a result, which would lower their motivation and productivity. It's acceptable to be a little more sympathetic during these times, especially with everything that has happened this year, and adjust your organizational policies to take into account the needs of your employees. They will feel happier and more satisfied as a result, and they will work harder to be more productive at work.


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