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How to stand out in my job application for a tech role

The field of technology is rapidly growing and attractive for graduates. Since there are many applicants for each position, it's crucial that you can distinguish yourself and show that you are a top contender during the application process. Let's face it: when you apply for a job, you are in direct competition with other candidates. Technology employment are typically competitive, but COVID-19 has increased the degree of competitiveness even further. You confront increased competition for open positions as a technology professional as a result of the widespread layoffs and unemployment.

Here are some tips:

1. Relevant work history

Employers are constantly interested in learning that you have shown a passion for a particular field by completing an internship or gaining some relevant work experience. Searching for positions at significant technology companies like IBM and Cisco is the most obvious way to get a technology internship. This will not only help you network with others in the field, but it will also help you advance your professional and business expertise. This will enhance your resume and help you stand out from other candidates.

2. Comply with the specifications and modify your application

The hiring team's main concern during the initial stage of the employment process is selecting candidates for interviews. Making their decision as simple as possible by giving them the necessary information and responding to their inquiries is crucial to winning them over. Share your background and inspiration! You can imagine telling your story as sitting around a campfire where you can reflect on your past, your career high points, your future plans, and your motivation for the organization you're applying to.

3. Utilize your passions and hobbies

It's important to list your interests and hobbies on a job application for two reasons: to highlight your positive traits and to showcase how you mesh with the corporate culture. Always tell the truth, but be selective. Let's assume that the person specification emphasizes the value of collaboration. Do you have a team sport you can dismiss? Or perhaps you visit the business website and discover they recently took part in a knit-a-thon for charity. You knit, too? It's important to note!

4. Network everywhere

The adage "It's not all about what you know, but who you know" has probably crossed your mind. The technology sector is one that encourages a lot of professional discussion because it is a field that is always changing. Make sure to get as involved as you can through channels like conferences, business social media groups, specialized recruiters, and getting in touch with alumni groups. There are networking opportunities everywhere, and the more actively you participate, the more it will show a potential employer that you are devoted to your career.

Quick CV tips...

  • CV protocol: The length of a CV is very important - depending on your seniority it should be between one and two pages. Remember to place your most relevant details near the top and always ensure that it's specifically targeted to the job you are applying for. At this stage of your career, education should always come before any work experience. 

  • Structure: As a technical applicant, it is crucial that your CV is properly organized. A technical recruiter will notice structures that are simple and make sense. Make sure you capture their interest for the appropriate reasons. Likewise, you should use clear, forceful language that reflects this standard.

  • Don't overlook your other skills: Make sure to show that although you have technical expertise, you are not a one-dimensional applicant. Make sure your punctuation and grammar are flawless. Your resume should show that you are a top-tier candidate who can communicate clearly and think strategically.


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