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How To Write Job Titles and Descriptions for Software Engineering Jobs

The job listing is where your hiring software engineers process begins and so it’s worth investing time and energy in writing a good job description. It’s also an opportunity to really sell your company to developers looking for work.

Perhaps more importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to describe what you are looking for in a developer.

Let’s break down each part of a job listing in detail to see how we can optimize them to attract the right applicants.

Use a Clear Job Title

It’s best to avoid made-up or non-traditional job titles like“Rockstar Software Engineer” or “Unicorn App Developer”.

These are unrealistic and any software developer worth their salt would ignore these types of titles. Opt for clear job titles such as “Junior iOS Software Engineer”.

Structure Your Job Description

A job description should clearly indicate company expectations for the candidate, work specifications, what you’re offering, and why candidates should join this particular venture.

A detailed and informative job description has a well defined and simple structure. It is easy to read and understand. Bulleted lists and pointed paragraphs may be a good idea in this context.

Write Detailed Task Descriptions

While writing a job description, break responsibilities into short and clear job duties.

For example, if you are advertising for software engineering jobs, don’t use unclear descriptions like, “You will be responsible for software management.”

Describe specific responsibilities. A more constructive alternative might look something like this.

As a software engineer you will be responsible for the following:

  • Writing unit tests

  • Building and organizing development workflows

  • Designing and implementing Spring components

Detailing responsibilities helps candidates evaluate what their work will consist of and if they are truly capable of meeting expectations.

Boast an Attractive Compensation Package

Potential candidates need strong reasons to leave their current job in such a competitive market.

Salaries should meet or surpass averages, depending on the experience of the software engineer. And besides a salary, mention whatever perks come with the position.

Professional development, flexible scheduling, and holiday parties are all examples of what might sound attractive to job applicants. Show candidates why they might pick your company over another.

Sell Your Company

Your job listing is an opportunity to offer potential candidates a glimpse into your organization's culture. Provide an overview of your company’s values and mission and make it attractive.

These days, it’s not all about the paycheck. Businesses must demonstrate that they have a moral compass. This is not only to get candidates, however.

Even in business, you should understand the importance of humanity.

List Relevant But Practical Job Requirements

Reconcile your need for professional software engineers with rational criteria. Qualified software engineers don’t need a decade of experience to be useful for your next project.

That said, if there are positions you’re hiring for that do require several years of experience, then go for it. Just don’t ask an intern or entry-level software engineer for seven years of experience and a reference from a government official. Be reasonable.

Avoid Discrimination

Diverse workplaces depend on equal opportunity hiring practices. Use non-discriminatory language in your job posting and seek consultation if you’re unsure.

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