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Methods for talent acquisition to improve hiring in 2023

It's crucial to take into account all the variables that can have an impact on your capacity to find excellent candidates when developing your hiring goals and entire life cycle recruiting plan. The first thing to consider is if you have a comprehensive strategy for recruiting. If not, you'll need to construct one as the basis for all of your subsequent recruitment initiatives. The correct recruitment strategy is essential to expanding your business and attracting the most suitable candidates for the positions you are offering. Even if there are numerous tried-and-true hiring practices that have been successful for years, 2023 ushers in a new year, a new decade, and fresh ways to connect with the individuals you need.

The following are a few tactics that are working well to draw in the top candidates:

1. Improve your professional website.

Most likely, a prospective employee will contact your business through your career site. It is crucial to enhance your career site so that prospects can find it simply and that it is both attractive and simple to use because hiring is projected to continue at a high pace in 2023.

The website should be user-friendly and make it simple for applicants to create profiles, look for opportunities, and submit applications. Candidates who can't do these tasks promptly and are potentially applying for many positions will look elsewhere.

2. Establish a program for employee referrals.

Employee referral systems are nothing new in 2023, yet they are still difficult to get correctly. Asking your staff to recommend excellent individuals from their networks is a simple method to make contact with top talent. The best part is that it is free.

One of the best methods for recruiting is through employee referrals because:

  • Referred candidates experience less churn.

  • They are higher caliber hires.

  • They shorten the hiring process for you.

  • They are economical for sourcing.

  • The key to successful employee referral programs is to achieve a balance between quality and incentives. But not their poor connections—you want your team to actively recommend people from their network.

The good news is that creating employee referral programs is simple, affordable, and yields benefits quickly!

3. Artificial Intelligence

Although artificial intelligence has been around for a while, its potential for use in human resources is only now being fully understood. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is employed in a variety of contexts for recruiting, selecting, and vetting potential employees. The key benefit is that bias caused by human nature is eliminated. As a result, the remaining steps can proceed without being hampered by elements that skew the data being gathered. Although applying AI is still challenging, done right it can aid in identifying the most qualified candidates.

4. Branding

Although proper employer branding is nothing new, its importance has increased significantly over the past ten years, making it one of the finest methods for luring the best candidates. You are more likely to attract the top candidates for your firm if your branding is more distinct and distinctive in terms of being the location where people desire to work. This calls for concise application forms, vivid job descriptions, and the creation of an environment that makes working for your business appealing. As a result, higher talent will start knocking on your door to join your organization.

5. Increase remote recruiting capacity

Remote recruiting requires a totally digital hiring procedure. You must be able to send, receive, and sign papers digitally. You must be able to interview via video conferencing software. A mobile-friendly ATS that can publish and track positions, a career site, and recruitment marketing software make up the core of a digital hiring process. Combining them with video conferencing software, like Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom, that is integrated with interview scheduling and analytics software gives you a full range of capabilities, including the ability to hire candidates remotely as well as automate many steps of the hiring process and track metrics about sourcing and hiring in order to continuously improve your hiring procedures.


In 2022, the recruitment industry faced intense competition. In 2023, it might become a little easier, but it will still be difficult to find elite talent. These 5 recruitment tactics provide some simple strategies that will help you hire more people faster, fill more positions with higher-quality individuals, and attract more qualified prospects. To determine which ones are effective for your industry and candidate pool, we advise testing them out in your company. Keep in mind that developing a smooth and effective hiring procedure is the key to success.


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Discovered ATS
Discovered ATS
Jan 13, 2023

Most hiring managers spend the majority of their time in interviews. The interviewing process tends to take the most amount of time but it doesn’t have to anymore. If your talent acquisition goal is to create a more streamlined interviewing process then you need to look into one-way video interviewing.


Discovered ATS
Discovered ATS
Jan 12, 2023

One effective strategy is to be specific! Part of the talent acquisition process is learning all you can when an open position arises. This requires gathering feedback from managers and current employees. Being able to adequately explain a position is key to finding the perfect candidate.

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