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Why Do Employees Resign?

Find a time to sit down with employees and find out why they are leaving and what the company could be doing better moving forward. That is, follow-up with them via their personal email to confirm they are leaving their role in the company because of leaving their job, and if they do not reply within 24 hours of receiving this email, then take it as confirmation that the split is because of resignation, which is the same thing as leaving your job. In other words, an employee needs to be made feel like their job is important, and that they are trusted by their manager.

If employees are given clear communications and transparency about their compensation, they will feel respected by their employers and be less likely to jump ship. It seems a simple thing, but a reason why good employees leave is because they feel disrespected or mistrusted in the workplace. Unfortunately, a reason that good employees leave a job is because they are disconnected from their companys values - or do not see those values being implemented at the workplace.

Yes, employees want compensation, benefits, and benefits, but even more so, they want to feel valued by their organizations and managers. By comparison, the three biggest factors employees name as reasons to leave a job are that they feel unvalued by their organizations (54%), their managers (52%), or that they feel no sense of belonging at their job (51%). Most workers who left a job in 2021 said that lower pay (63 percent), lack of opportunities for advancement (63 percent) and feeling disrespected at work (57 percent) were reasons they left, according to a Feb. 7-13 poll.

A new survey from Pew Research Center finds that low pay, lack of opportunities for advancement and feelings of disrespect at work were top reasons Americans left a job last year. A survey conducted by polling firm The Harris Poll last year found a lack of growth and professional development was the key reason employees left their former jobs. Professionals strongly want to advance in a company, and lack of opportunities for advancement was one of two main reasons employees left a job.

As the old saying goes: "people leave managers, not jobs". One of the biggest factors that contributes to employee turnover is bad managers. If your company has a staff retention problem, consider investing in training your managers on how to ask for feedback, admit mistakes, and adapt their management style to the employee, as opposed to a "one size fits all" approach.

A study by Pew Research Center found that lower compensation is not the top reason employees leave their jobs: It is actually tied to the lack of opportunities for advancement. Hays polled 2,000 employees looking for new jobs, finding company culture was a major factor. Among employees who said that they were not likely to leave at all, 65% reported that a major reason they stay in a job is because they enjoy the place where they work.

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